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Treatment Guidelines


As a psychiatrist, we are the primary mental health provider for our patients. Therefore, there are some guidelines that everyone needs to follow in order to continue care. One of the most important things to consider is that we will not continue care blindly. That means that in order to continue treatment, the doctor must be able to meet with you regularly to assess your mental status, treatment progress, and identify if changes are needed. We are happy to know when someone is feeling well, but please do not wait to reach out only when you are not feeling well or are in crisis.


Follow-up Appointments: Normally, in the beginning of the doctor-patient relationship, the doctor will want to see you back on a month-to-month basis. As treatment progresses and proves successful, the time interval may then be extended to every 2, then 3 months. If changes are made or something needs to be monitored, she may request for you to return sooner. The longest time in between appointments should not exceed 3 months (quarterly appointments), regardless of how long anyone has been seeing her or how stable they may be. Therefore, it is a requirement to maintain regular and timely follow up visits.

The doctor makes it a point, at the end of every visit, to mention when she would like to see someone back. To avoid potential issues with scheduling and to maintain timely appointments, we recommend scheduling your follow up visits in advance, right after you see her. For this reason, our schedule is usually booked out in advance.


Refills: We are not required to send in 90-day refills. If your insurance requires a 90-day prescription for refills to be covered, we try to be accommodating. That courtesy requires an understanding that if a 90-day refill was sent and the doctor recommended to follow up in 30 days, you would be expected to follow up within the requested 30-day timeframe.

If you are not keeping up with timely appointments in accordance with office policy, only 30-day refills will be sent if you are past due.


Controlled substances: These medications require sooner follow up intervals due to their regulatory nature. Additionally, if someone is on a controlled substance and they are past due for an appointment, no refill will be sent in until they have been seen.


While many offices require that you are seen before a prescription can be sent, we try to be flexible within reason.


Thank you for your understanding,


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