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Holistic Care


What is a holistic and integrative approach to treatment?

Dr. Bekker will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medical, psychological, personal history and interpersonal relationships to get a sense of the complete person. Included in every evaluation is an assessment of any organic causes for mental illness including a review of vitamin deficiencies, addressing lab work, comorbid medical illness, use of medication, sleep hygiene, and diet.

Let us help guide you in incorporating a healthy and active lifestyle to help battle mental illness and achieve a better quality of life.

A holistic approach often looks beneath the surface to zoom in on the underlying cause of concern. While treatment often includes medication, we focus on person-centered care to help minimize the use of multiple medications, striving to provide relief from symptoms interfering with your life so you can feel your best.


“My goal for treatment is to get you to a place where you feel like your best self.“

— Dr. Yana Bekker


Whole-person psychiatry focuses not just on symptoms of the mind, but is built on the understanding that we are complex individuals whose mental health is affected by ailments in our organ-systems.

Several factors help to contribute to our overall mental health, including our physical health, diet, exercise, relationships, pain and inflammation, how much time we allocate to our ourselves, our families and our spiritual health.

The Gut-Brain Axis and the role of probiotics in better mental health is an area of research grounded in the fact that our mind and body are one entity. Make sure you are getting the most from your food.

It’s no secret that physical exercise is protective against medical illness. Physical exercise is also protective against common mental health issues such as depression. What does exercise mean to you?

Inflammation and chronic pain make everyday tasks harder to manage. Let’s find ways together to minimize the amount of pain you feel so you can live your best life.

There are so many medications available these days. By working together to make sure you are on the treatment that works best for your body, our goal will be to minimize the amount of medication you have to take in order to feel your best.

Finding time for self-care is as vital as diet and exercise. We are often good at taking care of others, putting work or relationships first - let’s take a pause and focus on ourselves.

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