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Battling the Winter Blues

Winter tends to throw some punches at us. With the bitter cold and loss of daylight early, this can really knock you off guard. Take care of yourself by keeping hydrated, going out into the sunlight more frequently and making sure to take a multivitamin to help those Vitamin D and B12 levels stay in a healthy range.

Running low on energy? Ask your doctor to check for common vitamin deficiencies, stay active, avoid isolating yourself indoors and stay up to date with your vaccines.

Use tech to your advantage, close those activity rings, take the time for deep breathing, mindfulness and hydration. Let your watches be your guides in a season notorious for depleting motivation. 

While most of us are stuck working without the benefits of a commute to get us to the office, simulate a mini commute for yourself in the morning while there is sunshine. Get dressed, go for a short walk to the shop to get some breakfast and come back refreshed and ready to start the day.

Mental Health is alot of work and some seasons make it even more difficult to feel your best. Building small healthy habits each day will pay off tenfold.

Better physical health = Better mental health.

Dr. Yana Bekker, DO Dr. Bekker is a board certified Psychiatrist in private practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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