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A series on sense: Sight

Ever wonder why certain colors instill a sense of warmth, fear, happiness, excitement? From a biological perspective, certain colors have the ability to excite our eyes, literally. The color Yellow, for example, is the first color our eyes can detect. It is one of the brightest colors, which means that more light is reflected by it, resulting in excessive stimulation of the eyes. For this reason, Yellow is known for its energy and also for its ability to cause anxiety and exhaustion. According to Color Psychology, Yellow represents the following: Energetic, Complex, Warm, Aggressive, Cheerful.
Red is another color that is physiologically known to wear out the eyes because it is stimulating. Red is associated with Love, Energy, Warmth, Fun, Passion, Anger, Power.
Blue is a color preferred by many, perhaps because it associated with a feeling of Calmness, Serenity, Peace, Productivity but it can also instill in one feelings of Sadness, Isolation. It is recommended by some weight loss experts to eat food from a blue plate as it makes the food less appetizing.
Pink, one of my favorite colors that lifts my mood almost instantly, conveys Energy, Joy, Romance, Kindness, and also Calmness.
Green invokes a sense of Nature, Health, Fertility, Opportunity but can also be associated with Jealousy, Money and Greed.

Color drives our actions, helping us to decorate our lives, so be sure to surround yourself with colors that lift and brighten your mood!
Dr. Yana Bekker, DO Dr. Bekker is a board certified Psychiatrist in private practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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